Our Other Summer Holiday – 1

We’re just emerging from the school year start up. So, picking up where we left off a month or so ago . . .

Having made it down from Breitind, rather stiff, but at least in one piece, we had our ‘other’ summer holiday. We flew down for a week with Tim and Tracy in the south of Norway. Lots to do, but in a relaxed way, including:

Walks in unfamiliar scenery:

Swimming and kayaking at their ‘private’ beach:

It wasn’t as warm as last year.

Sarah’s birthday:

The candles are purely illustrative avoiding giving away how young she really is! Also not sure why it took three people to light them, including the birthday girl herself.

A visit to the local troll attraction:

A flimsy excuse for eating way to much ice cream (not shown).

More soon . . .


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