Lenvik Kirke (Bjorelvnes)

Lenvik kirke (Bjorelvnes), Lenvik menighet, Norway

Builder: Olsen&Jørgensen* 1909

Restored and altered by Vestlandske Orgelfabrikk in the early 1970’s

HW8’                Principal
8’                Rohrfloite
4′               Octav
4′               Floite
2 2/3′       Quint
2′               Octav
II               Sesquialtera
III             Mixture
16’              BourdonCouplers

Manual: C-f3
Pedals:  C-c1 (flat, straight, and quite short)
Tracker action

* This is the entry for ‘Olsen&Jørgensen’ in the Great Norwegain Encylopedia

“Norwegian organ building company, the leading in recent times. Founded 1876, closed 1983. Manufactured approx. 700 organs. The founder August Nielsen died 1885, his widow took over, Petrine Nielsen, later Nils Reinhardt Olsen and Jens Henrik Jørgensen (Jørgensen & Olsen). Present name in 1925. In 1939 Joseph Hilmar 1961-1983 Arne Jørgensen and Nielsen.”

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